Testimonials of Vitadone Customers

What a huge difference!

I recently started taking methadone to combat and control a nasty addiction habit. The nurse at the clinic suggested I take Vitadone. What a huge difference! The sugar cravings have decreased. I am eating and sleeping better, but best of all the bowel regularity is coming back.


I feel 15 again!

I have been on methadone for six horrible years. The side effects are just pathetic. I have a wife and three kids. I work six days a week. As soon as I get home I don’t want to do nothing besides go to bed. I am tired all day long and don’t want to go anywhere. I noticed a flier in my counselor’s office for Vitadone. I heard good things about it, and looked it up on line and bought a bottle. I got it 2 days later. I took it as prescribed , 3 a day, morning, lunch, and dinner. On Sunday I actually felt refreshed and awake and I was in a pretty good mood. I have not had so much energy since I was fifteen years old. I am writing to see if you would contact my clinic. They do not sell it. If they did it would help so many more people like it did me. It gave me back my life.


Vitadone has improved my life!

Vitadone has improved my energy, my appetite is normal, and my family can tell the difference in my daily life. It has improved almost all aspects of my life, even my wife can tell a difference sexually. One of the most satisfying benefits is the relief of constipation. Thank you for introducing Vitadone.

North Carolina

I feel better than ever.

I have been taking Vitadone now for about three months. They were recommended to me by a friend. After a few weeks of taking methadone I began to notice I would sweat tremendously. I tried every other over the counter remedy and nothing worked. So when a friend recommended Vitadone I jumped on it. Sure enough the first day I stopped sweating, my sugar cravings have reduced and I have become regular again. I have increased energy and feel better than ever. I recommend Vitadone for anyone who takes methadone.

Southeast US

Huge improvement in all areas.

As a person who has been on methadone for one and a half years I have suffered a lot with sweating and constipation. Also, I have a lot of sugar cravings and loss of energy. After taking Vitadone I noticed a huge improvement in all areas. I’ve been hoping I could find something that would help me. I finally did. Thank you so much.


Sweating is gone!

I have been on methadone for one year. A few months ago I tried Vitadone and within a couple of weeks I noticed my constipation had eased considerably. Prior to taking Vitadone I would wake up at night with my sheets and clothes soaked with sweat. Since using Vitadone, I no longer have this problem! What a difference. I stand on my feet most all day with my job. Since using Vitadone my stamina has increased tremendously. Thank you for coming up with Vitadone.

Southeast US

I cannot image not taking it.

I am a methadone patient now for two years. I saw the Vitadone advertisement and thought sure they would say good things about their product. All do. But after feeling sluggish and having a few months of not feeling up to par, I decided to give it a try. Well, I’m here to tell you Vitadone does exactly what it says it does. I had tried all other vitamins the Dr. and pharmacist recommended and still does none come close to Vitadone I cannot imagine not taking it now, I feel so good. No one eats right all the time and that’s why I recommend Vitadone to everyone, not just methadone patients. My son is twenty-eight years old and he exercises daily and eats healthy. With Vitadone he says he feels even better, so it’s great for your family members.


Helps fully bring my body into recovery.

With regular use of Vitadone I have finally found a product that addresses the concerns of a person who needs a powerful vitamin to help fully bring my body into recovery. The “no-iron” is perfect for my Hep-C, gives me energy and has helped regulate my bowel movements. Thank you Vitadone


I'm ordering three bottles at a time.

I have always been skeptical about ordering supplemental vitamins that I don’t know anything about , feeling like it was a gamble and could be losing money. However, after trying a thirty day supply of Vitadone I’m very pleased with the results that I got. Vitadone has changed my mind. My energy level has definitely changed. I have more energy and my sweet intake has decreased, which I was having a problem with. Now I am ordering three bottles at a time. My sincere thanks and appreciation to the makers and developers of Vitadone. I feel great again. Thank you.

Southeast US

Vitadone has worked for me.

I am writing to let you know how much Vitadone has worked for me. It helps me with my side effects. It helps keep me from falling asleep, and also helps enhance the meds I’m on.

Southeast US

I would recommend it to anyone currently taking methadone.

I am a methadone patient currently taking Vitadone. I have been taking Viadone since first finding out about it last January. I think that it is a great supplement and plan to continue to take it daily. Thank you. I would recommend it to anyone currently taking methadone.


Thank you for making Vitadone.

I am writing in regards to Vitadone. I love the vitamin. They really do give me energy. I don’t’ eat as much. I just wanted to tell you keep up the good work. Please don’t stop making them. Something this good seems not to last. Again thank you for making Vitadone. I love them.