Good nutrition is essential to overall health and a strong immune system. Viadevita is specially formulated to provide this vital nutritional support. Its patented formula is designed to support and promote a healthy immune function that can support a high quality of life and healthy life expectancy.

Nutrition comes from natural sources

Many natural and herbal products have been shown to have beneficial effects on human health. These substances often contain nutrients that are chelated, or bound, to other ingredients, such as minerals or amino acids (peptides). Multivitamin preparations do not always mimic how nutrients are in nature, and therefore may not be as bioavailable to the body as nutrients in their natural state. Multiple nutrients should be consumed every day, since no single natural or herbal product contains every nutrient that a body needs.

Viadevita is specially designed to support overall health and promote a healthy immune system. It contains chelated nutrients to help enhance their bioavailability and mimic their form in natural sources. Viadevita can support overall health and energy levels, and lead to a healthy quality of life.

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Dosage Information Product Label

Special dosage: For severe conditions, take
two tablets with meals three times a day.

Viadevita Product Label